Treasure Beach: Relaxation and Coral

Treasure beach is located on the southern side of Jamaica. It is in the parish of St. Elizabeth. The hotels and villas surrounding the beach are fairly small. There are very little restaurants and a few vendors in the area.

The beach is lined with what could be considered small fishing villages populated by fishermen and farmers. There are four small beaches that accompany these villages. These beaches are Frenchman's Bay, Great Pedro Bay, Billy's Bay, and Calabash Bay. The beach itself is of a red coral color. If you enjoy snorkeling this is a good area for your snorkeling adventure. You can find great coral reefs for snorkeling about 400 feet offshore. The water us usually calm and can be ideal for swimming.

It is not too much of a large tourist area and you will not find a crowded beach all the time, yet this beach attracts both tourists and locals. It is not the type of beach that has jet skis and water sports like some of the beaches in Montego Bay. Instead it is very much deserted at times. It is a great beach which does not provide all the activities which the crowded beaches do. I consider it a taste of the old Jamaica without commerce and industry, but just simple beach and great people.

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