Sunset Resorts Jamaica Grande

Sunset Resorts in Ocho Rios Jamaica has become one of my favorite resorts in Jamaica. This resort is located in Ocho Rios (where we recently stayed), Montego Bay and in Negril. Once just called the Jamaica Grande, the resort in Ocho Rios is now widely known in its entirety as Sunset Resorts Jamaica Grande. Though I had been to this all-inclusive resort many times as a child, going back in March of 2012 brought back many memories which I could share with my wife and son. Though there are some things that are common amongst all the resorts in Jamaica here are the things that I thought set apart Sunset resorts Jamaica Grande.

Family Resort

Our main concern when we choose a resort for a family vacation is that it is a family oriented resort. We wanted to make sure that there were activities there to keep my son occupied. This resort satisfied that desire. In addition, this resort is safe and unlike the more adult oriented resorts we were not concerned with nudity or other adult activities which we do not want our 6 year old exposed to. Our son could enjoy the kids clubs, gaming lounge, and other activities. There is a water slide at the resort for children and adults alike...there is a minimum age requirement, however.

Though the resort is family oriented and safe for children, there are enough activities and entertaining events to satisfy the entire family. This includes amenities such as a fitness center, theater, lounge, spa, water sports, etc. The resort is also a great place for weddings.

Great Meals

When you swim all day and spend all day on the beach you will get hungry. How great is it to go to the restaurant then and have great Jamaican food. We had such great food and drinks - and it being all-you-can-eat in an all-inclusive hotel was just great. My son enjoyed the food a lot which we were happy about because he can sometimes be a picky eater. There are about six restaurants on the property - two of which are open all day.

Comfortable Rooms

Though there was so much to enjoy at Sunset Resorts we thought the room could have been nicer. We had an incredible view, but we felt that it was a bit dated. But who goes to a resort on the beach stay in the room all day anyway? For those of us who spend most of our time on the beach we won't really be affected by the rooms being a bit older. Don't get me wrong I slept like a baby, but there was more to be desired.


The beach this resort is on is breathtaking - like all the other beaches are in Jamaica. What makes it stand out, however, is the view of the hills and the cruise ships which may pull into port occasionally. In my opinion the beach does not have a bad spot, but if you are a bit particular you may want to get up early in the morning and use your beach towel (provided by the resort) to save your spot. From our room I could see many people as early as 7am saving their favorite spots prior to breakfast.


The service at Sunset Resorts Jamaica Grande was good. Though there were times when I thought they were a bit casual. But I guess being casual and relaxed transfers to the guests and allows them to feel relaxed as well. Overall I was pleased and am planning to make regular visits to this resort. My wife and son feel the same way. If you are interested in having a great time and planning an affordable vacation take a look at Sunset Jamaica Grande All Inclusive.

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