Seven Mile Beach: A Stretch of Relaxation

Seven Mile Beach in Jamaica is one of the loveliest beaches in Negril. I encourage any visitor to Negril to walk on the white sandy beach of Seven Mile. There are many hotels and restaurants off this beach. You will notice some resorts such as Sandals Negril Beach Resort and Spa, Couples Negril, and Hotel Riu Tropical Bay, and restaurants like the famous Margaritaville. Many visitors to Negril spend time on Seven Mile Beach more than any other place in Negril as they are attracted by the nearby cliffs and lighthouse as well.

Seven Mile Beach is only one of the beaches in Jamaica, but it is fairly unique in that it offers both secluded areas as well as fair amounts of activity. It is situated in such a way that if you are vacationing in one of the hotels close by you will be satisfied with only the beach and resort environment. No need to rent a car or take public transportation.

It is a public beach for all to enjoy. As the title says, you can walk for seven miles and enjoy every minute of it. The beach is clear, calm, and as you go in you will be pleasantly surprised with how warm it is at some times of year. When you visit this beach you will not forget its beauty for months afterward.

About the Vendors... On a public beach in Jamaica you can expect to have vendors on the beach - though there are not too many here. I have mixed feelings about this. I don’t really mind the vendors. Usually, if approached, a simple no is sufficient. But I usually enjoy their offers. I enjoy their foods like jerk chicken, beef patties, and fruit. It was sometimes better for me to enjoy their food as it just seemed more authentic. Besides, though the food is good at Margaritaville, it can be a bit pricey, so you may choose not to eat there on a regular basis - definitely worth a few visits though.

There is great fun to be had on Seven Mile Beach as well. There are glass bottom boats among other things. You only have to make sure, however, to be careful as you negotiate with vendors to have your fun as they are pretty crafty. Because they are not employed for a resort their number one goal is to make money.

Enjoy the experience

If you are up to getting to know the people you can even carry on some pretty funny and interesting conversations with some of the vendors. I have been really entertained, as well as received a cultural education, while having lunch on the beach. While speaking with the vendors and other locals as you look out into the clear crystal blue ocean you get a good idea of what Jamaica beach life is about. Don’t be steered in the wrong direction by reviews about the locals on the beach and possibly have this negative information ruin your time on the beach. Only understand that you will be approached by vendors and some locals, and consider it a great part if the experience.

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