Going Scuba Diving In Jamaica

One of Jamaica's hidden gems is its scuba diving in Jamaica though the island is known for many other activities and scenic beauty. People from all over the globe travel and vacate in Jamaica in order to experience the beautiful coral reef and Jamaica scuba diving.

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If you have never scuba dived before this page is still for you because scuba diving is an activity which can be learned fairly quickly.

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Where to scuba dive

The guide taking you out to scuba knows the ideal spots for you to dive the coral reefs. Regardless of whether you are in Kingston, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, or Negril, you will find great dive sites.

Here are a few dive sites you may want to investigate:

Kingston - Winward Edge is probably the only dive in Kingston which is worth the dive. The Cayman Trader wreck is not a bad dive spot, but just not as popular as some of the others. Kingston's dives are mostly wrecks as Port Royal was a famous port and pirate destination.

Montego Bay - In Montego Bay some of the notable reefs are the Rose Hall Reef, Chub Reef, and the Point. If your hotel does not offer scuba you can check out North Coast Marine Sports for your scuba dive. North Coast Marine Sports is located on the Half Moon Resorts premises. Seaworld resorts will take you on diving excursions as well.

Negril - The reefs here are pretty shallow for the most part, yet there are some very deep dives as well. They reefs in Negril make scuba pretty attractive for new divers. Negril probably has the most opportunities in all of Jamaica for good dives. For instance the deep Kingfish Point has for a long time been a favorite. The more shallow Sands Reef can be fun as well. Seatec Water Sports is a great resource for equipment and information about scuba and snorkeling in Negril.

Learn to scuba dive

Many of the resorts in Jamaica offer scuba diving lessons and certification. Some resorts actually include diving in the hotel's all-inclusive package where they will provide the lessons and equipment for your first dive. They usually have a PADI-certified professional teach you in a pool before taking you out to experience the Jamaica coral reef. In addition, the guides are usually licensed by the Jamaica Tourist Board and are members of the Jamaica Association of Dive Operators. You will be well prepared before going into the ocean.

You can also choose to learn how to scuba dive prior to getting to Jamaica. The Professional Association of Diving Instructors is a good source for information.

Regardless of where you chose to go scuba diving in Jamaica, you are sure to enjoy your experience.

What are your favorite scuba diving destinations in Jamaica and the Caribbean?

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