Negril Jamaica – An Intriguing Beach and Resort Town

Negril Jamaica (Negrillo as named by the Spanish in 1494) is known for its beaches and resorts. Some of the famous resorts of note in Negril are Grand Lido, Hedonism II, and Couples. Other popular resorts along Seven Mile Beach include Sandals Negril Jamaica, Beaches and more. There are about 25 different resorts located off of the beach. It is also known for it's “au natural” swimming and sun bathing.

I remember passing through one of the resorts there for the first time. I had no idea that there was nude bathing at some of the resorts and so I was a bit startled. You can know that there is nude bathing on the beach by the signs which say “Swimsuits Optional”, of course I missed the signs completely.

Regardless of whether or not you are comfortable with that type of freedom...there is something for everyone in Negril.

Where Negril is and how to get there?

An interesting fact about the location of Negril is that it is actually located in two parishes in Jamaica. It is located in Hanover and in Westmoreland. It is on the western tip of the island. Like most of the places in Jamaica, you can get Negril regardless of where you fly into the island. However, you will more than likely fly into the island in Montego Bay if you are planning to spend time in Negril. The Donald Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay is the closest International Airport to Negril. It will take about 2 hours for you to drive 50 miles to Negril. This is a much shorter distance than Kingston's airport 150 miles and 4 hours away.

Seven Mile Beach is known for its white sandy beaches. It is parallel to Norman Manley Blvd. which is the main highway leading into Negril from Montego Bay.

Why should you go to Negril anyway?

Negril is a lot of fun and has a little bit of everything for couples and families. The main beach area in Negril is lined with resorts and is considered on of the world's top beaches by many travel magazines and resort experts. The cliff area in Negril is considered more private than some other parts of the beach. This area has good scuba diving, snorkeling, cliff jumping and just a fantastic place to relax.

What you should try to do in Negril...

There is so much to do in Negril Jamaica. Many people decide to stay on the resort property and enjoy the entertainment there, while others enjoy going of grounds to seek other fun activities. Either way you will not be without action and a good time. Some of the most notable things to do are just hanging n Seven Mile Beach, going scuba diving and snorkeling, cliff jumping, or visiting Mayfield Falls & Mineral Springs.

The food in Negril is very good. Restaurants in Negril are known for their Jerk Chicken and fresh fish cooked in many different ways. Restaurants such as Norma's, Rick's Cafe, and of course internationally known Margaritaville on Seven Mile Beach are a few of the restaurants to try.

Negril Jamaica is one of the most desirable vacation spots in the entire Caribbean. The activities make great fun and the people are warm and show great hospitality. Here is what one of our site's visitors feels about Negril in her original poem.

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