Montego Bay: A Town Full Of
Beach And Fun

Located on the northwestern part of Jamaica, Montego Bay is a town full of history and excitement. It is a port and resort city famous across the world which also supports a booming cruise-ship tourism. Mo Bay as it is known to Jamaicans, also has its own Airport, the Donald Sangster International Airport, which is the largest airport on the island and also serves a Caribbean hub for many flights from the United States and Europe.

Mo Bay is also one of Jamaica's largest towns. It is probably the fourth largest after Kingston, Spanish Town, and Portmore. There you will also find great beaches, especially Doctor's Cave and some very nice homes. Many Jamaican's have their second homes there.

What makes Mo Bay, Jamaica most attractive the resort experience it offers. There are many fine resorts in this great town. It is the home of the Ritz-Carlton Rose Hall Resort, Half Moon, and all-inclusives such as Breezes.

Regardless of weather you are looking for fine dining or watching your wallet, there is great food in Mo Bay. If you are interested in saving some money while still eating well, there are some tasty eats to be found street side. But if you go that rout you should have a strong stomach and enjoy spices. On the other hand if money is not a concern this town does offer some of the finest dining in Jamaica. Some restaurants of interest may be: Nikkita's, Sugar Mill Restaurant, and Three Palms.

Apart from just beaches (like Doctor's Cave) there is a lot to do in Montego Bay. Many people including me, enjoy the deep-sea fishing, diving, snorkeling and other watersports found here. There is also golf, horseback riding and rafting. I hope to prove to you just how much of an incredible place Mo Bay is. It is truly exciting and full of activity. If you visit you will never be bored.

Mo Bay Travel Tip:

Make sure to stop by Margaritaville Sports Bar & Grill. It serves good food and is great fun.

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