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Jamaican videos really lends true to the statement that a picture is worth a thousand words (well in this case videos are worth a thousand words). There is a great deal of information on Jamaican-Travel-Tips.com and these videos are a great compliment to help you to get an even better picture of what Jamaica is like.

I hope to continue to add a variety of videos to ensure I am being thorough. I guess you can consider the page somewhat of a Jamaica video blog (that may be an interesting idea). You may have seen some of these videos on other pages as well as I will sometimes use them to give you a better idea of something I have tried to illustrate on one of the pages on the site.

I hope these videos portray the beauty of Jamaica as I expect it to. Have fun.

Jamaica Commercial by the Jamaica Tourist Board

A Scuba Diving Trio in Negril, Jamaica

Eagle Rays at Snapper Drop, Negril, Jamaica

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Around Jamaica in Record "Speed" - Usain Bolt Not rated yet
Great Usain Bolt commercial for Jamaica.

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