Jamaican Resorts:
The Ideal Vacation Getaway

Jamaican resorts have been growing more and more popular. They have been growing even faster with the introduction many years ago of Jamaican all inclusive resorts. These resorts were started first by Butch Stewart, the owner of Sandals Jamaica. Due to the popularity of all inclusive resorts in Jamaica this type of accommodation has spread to other islands across the Caribbean.

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The convenient concept of an all inclusive resort is almost self explanatory. It is simply a resort which includes all your meals and activities in one packaged price. Because of the way the package is built I would not suggest this type of accommodation for the individual. It is more suitable to families or couples. Even so, some are for families, some are for couples, and others can of course be enjoyed by both.

As you can imagine all inclusive resorts can also get a bit boring for the adventurer. You can go off the property if you wish. You should not have to, but if you are restless, why not. Just be careful as you leave the security of the resort.

If you are looking to experience other foods there are packages which allow you to resort hop and eat at other resorts. I like this idea because it allows me to get a good idea of other resorts and what they have to offer for my next vacation.

There is no more convenient way to vacate in Jamaica than staying in an all inclusive resort in Jamaica. But if it is not for you and you are really starved for adventure and the need to interact with more locals...there are other fantastic accommodations offered by this island paradise such as Jamaican villas and hotels.

Jamaica also has some of the world's greatest golf courses. If you are a golfer and are planning a Jamaica Golf Vacation visit the Jamaica Golf Resort page.

Here are a few resorts and hotels to consider:

There are many resorts to chose from, but this list can help you to get started. I will only list the top resorts in Jamaica.

Sandals Jamaica
There are 12 Sandals Resorts in the Caribbean. Here is a brief overview of Sandals Resorts in Jamaica.

Beaches Resorts
Beaches Jamaica is made up of 3 locations. They are considered some of the best resorts in the world especially for children.

Sunset Resorts
Has quickly become one of my favorites because of its affordability, location, and amenities.

Jamaica Pegasus
A premier hotel located in Kingston. Best for business travelers.

Half Moon
A beautiful resort offering exquisite rooms, beautiful cottages, as well as comfortable and luxurious villas. One of the most luxurious of the Jamaican resorts.

What are your favorite resorts in Jamaica?

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A True Jewel  Not rated yet
I have stayed at the Jewel with my wife twice and it is truly one of the best resorts in Jamaica. I have never stayed at a resort where the staff enjoys …

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