Jamaican Religion

by Donald Lusan
(Pembroke Pines, Florida, USA)

Jamaican religion! It is perhaps wise to go back some years to discuss Jamaican religion. Jamaica was originally inhabited by the Arawak Indians. Christopher Columbus came there in 1492 but eventually Jamaica was taken over by the British. As a result the Church Of England, the Anglican Church became the primary denomination in the island. Jamaica is a Christian country.

Since those early years many other Christian Denominations have been introduced in Jamaica. The Methodists, Presbyterian, Catholics, Brethren, Seventh Day Adventists, Baptists and Church Of God have had some of the largest congregations in the island. They all believe in the Lord Jesus Christ but each with a slightly different slant.

As a result of intense study some of these have in modern times strengthened their knowledge of scripture. There are also non-denomination churches which today seem to draw a great portion of the population.

The Jamaican people are hungry for Christ, they are hungry for truth. When they find what they perceive to be truth they tend to be very loyal. The only true Jamaican religion is Christianity.

In recent years Rastafarians have made claim to being a religion. They claimed that His Imperial Majesty Haille Selassie of Ethiopia was God. Since his death, however, their belief is not as strong as it was before.

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