Jamaican Fruits

by Donald Lusan
(Pembroke Pines, Florida, USA)

Jamaican fruits are so many that the people always seem to have something to eat which contributes to good health. For this reason the Jamaican people tend to live a very long life.

Jamaica has the usual oranges and grapefruits that can be found in many other countries. They also have many varieties of mangoes growing just about everywhere. The favorites are the East Indian Mango, the St Julian and the Bombay mango.

Others include Black Mango, Hairy Mango and Hayden Mango.

Other fruits include tangerines, star apples, sweet sop, sour sop, pomegranates, rose apples, red coat plums, yellow coat plums, guineps, cherries, clammy cherries, otaheiti apples and guavas.

Special note should be taken when we think of Jamaican limes. They have a tartness that is incomparable. They are used to make delicious lemonade as well as other things.

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