Jamaican Food - Favorite Jamaican Cuisine

by Donald Lusan
(Pembroke Pines, Florida, USA)

If you are going to write about Jamaican food you just can't ignore some favorites of the Jamaican people and of the visitors to the island. Let me get to the point.

Stew Peas And Rice

Jamaican people refer to it as stew peas and rice though grammatically correct one would say stewed peas and rice. The key to this meal is the seasoning added and the length of time the peas is boiled. Red peas is the variety used.

Rice And Peas

This is sometimes referred to as rice and beans. The peas used can be red peas, also known as kidney beans, gungu peas which is also known as pigeon peas. The peas is usually boiled and coconut milk is added, rice is added when the peas is cooked.

Jerk Pork And Jerk Chicken

I believe Jamaican jerk pork was born at Boston Beach in the parish of Portland which is the eastern part of the island. The pork or chicken is cooked in a special sauce, usually over an open fire. More often than not the sauce is very hot with pepper. It is absolutely delicious, that is, if you can handle hot pepper.


This is another favorite of the Jamaican people. Tourists just love this as well.

Curry Goat

Because of the great number of East Indian People living in Jamaica curried goat and curried chicken is another favorite Jamaican dish. This is usually served with white rice though combining "curry goat" with rice and peas is not uncommon.

Ackee and Cod Fish

Most Jamaicans love "ackee and salt fish". The ackee has to be carefully prepared by one who knows what to cook and what part to discard. There is a part of the ackee that can make you sick, so be careful with this one.

Rundown And Banana

This meal is specially prepared mackerel fish with a coconut milk sauce. Green bananas are boiled until cooked.


This is cassava prepared in a special way.

These are just a few of the most loved Jamaican meals. Others to check out are Fricasseed Chicken, escoveitched fish, duckunoo, chocho, breadfruit and bulla.

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Sep 02, 2012
Curry Chicken
by: Anonymous

This is so true. All these foods are just mouth watering. A favorite listed above is curry goat. this site also mentions a recipe to curry chicken at https://www.jamaican-travel-tips.com/curried-chicken-recipe.html.

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