Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee – A Taste of Excellence

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee has always been one my favorite coffees to wake up to in the morning. It has for decades been Jamaica’s favorite coffee. Like any food or drink, it brings back memories for Jamaicans as they take every sip. It is not rare for the Jamaican to prolong their reminiscing with another “cup of boiling coffee in the morning.” The memories of waking up in the morning to the smell of Blue Mountain Coffee are some of my favorite. My mother likes to say, “You can stay from miles, yes miles, and smell the Blue Mountain Coffee aroma.” Some may wonder how the smell of coffee can make the day one to look forward to, but it is not just any coffee or just any smell, it is one of the world’s famous and a part of Jamaica’s pride that gives the feeling it is about to be a good day.

When I go home to visit I don’t want to drink any other brand of coffee, but Blue Mountain. There is just a different taste as it is not as bitter as many other blends and is quite mild. Compared to many other brands of coffee, this coffee also has a bit less caffeine.

What you should know about Blue Mountain Coffee...

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is Arabica coffee which many coffee drinkers are familiar with. Thanks to Sir Nicholas Lawes, the Governor of Jamaica at some time in the 1700's. He was responsible for bringing this Arabica coffee to Jamaica. It was later forgotten about because of political issues and disagreements about its processing. In about 1953, Keble Munn realized the potential of the coffee and around 1970s while he was serving as Minister of Agriculture, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee found its market in America and other parts of the world.

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is grown in Mavis Bank in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica at about 7400 ft high. Because of the thick forest, the rainfall, and the mountain’s mist, makes it perfect for the growth of the world’s finest coffee.

It is interesting to note that not all of the island's coffee is grown in the Blue Mountains. In fact only about fifteen percent of the coffee grown in Jamaica is true Blue Mountain Coffee which is guaranteed to be 100% Jamaican Blue.

How I drink Blue Mountain Coffee...

You can drink this coffee as you would any other if you like, but why not drink it as a Jamaican probably would. Try your cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee with coconut cream or condensed milk (my personal favorite).

Where to find Blue Mountain Coffee...

When I leave the island I never forget to pick up a few pounds of this coffee bean to bring back to the states.

If you have the opportunity to try and experience Blue Mountain Coffee you truly be satisfied. I would hate for you to only take my word for it. So, if you are planning a trip to Jamaica anytime soon, Blue Mountain Coffee can be purchased at the airport’s duty free shop prior to boarding (it also makes a pretty good souvenir). If you are not planning a trip to Jamaica and don’t know anyone coming from Jamaica who can bring you a sample, you can try purchasing it online. However, it is important to purchase your Blue Mountain coffee from a reputable retailer. I hope you enjoy every sip of Jamaican Blue.

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