Jamaican Beef Patties: Snack or Lunch

Jamaican beef patties are probably my favorite snack food. Actually, it can be eaten as a snack or a full meal dependent on the size as there are regular lunch size patties or bite size cocktail patties. It is especially filling as a lunch food if combined with cocoa bread. They can be made spicy or mild and have often been compared to empanadas or turnovers with the main difference in the crust.

My son likes them just as much as I do.

Patties are pretty tough to make. My wife and I have tried many times and have not been able to come close to making them as tasty as they make them in Jamaica. I would suppose the crust is the toughest part. My dad seems to have a good idea of how to get it right. He says it is all in purchasing the right ingredients. A simple google search can reveal many recipes, but I have given up and trust my patty desires to the experts.

They have become so famous that they are sold all over the world. Regardless of this, the best patties will always be local to Jamaica. My favorite place to buy patties are at Tastees Patties in Jamaica. It is a patty retailer located all over the island. Some prefer other patty shops such as Mother's Patties or Juicy Beef.

Other types of patties have come along and are just as good. There are chicken, shrimp, lobster, ackee, and veggie patties for instance. Some retailers such as Mother's have even added to the creativity by adding a layer of cheese on the inside of the beef patty.

Fortunately, after falling in love with Jamaican beef patties on your trip, you can purchase a box of frozen patties at the airport or local shop to bring back home. Frozen patties can also be found in many grocery stores in the United States, Canada, and Britain. This food was brought to the United States, especially New York, around the 1960s and has spread all over the country. You can even find a variety of patties in your Wal-Mart's frozen food section.

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