Jamaican Beaches I Remember

by D. Christopher
(Pembroke Pines, Florida, USA)

It would take a very long time to tell you about my experiences at Jamaican beaches. I fondly recall my parents taking my sister, my 2 brothers and myself to the beach on some weekends. First of all you need to take into consideration that there are so many beaches to visit in the island.

Bournmouth Beach

Bournmouth is in Kingston. What I recall is that when we went there, for some reason, we would spend much time swimming in the pool rather than on the beach. Each year there would be a well publicized "cross the harbor swim".

The best swimmers on the island would participate. The starting point would be Bournmouth Beach. It would end at Gun Boat Beach which is near the airport and not too far from Port Royal.

Bournmouth was also a Night Club.

Gunboat Beach

Gunboat beach was well put together. The whole area was meshed off as it was in the harbor but too close to the open sea. Sharks have been seen in Kingston harbor.

Sigarnys Beach

Sigarnys is near to Bournmouth. This is one of the first beaches I was taken to as a child. I recall going there a few times when I was in my teens. We could get close to it quite easily using public transportation. We had a short walk to the beach itself.

Copa Cabana

If you go east from Kingston on the south coast you pass many beaches including one called the "Copa Cabana". The water on these beaches is usually quite rough. They are actually quite dangerous. If you are not a strong swimmer you could easily be swept away by "rip tides"

Boston Beach

If you go east from the Copa you will eventually get to Boston Beach in The parish of Portland. This beach became quite famous as it was the home of the well known Jamaican Jerk Pork.

Frenchman's Cove

Just outside of Port Antonio there is a well known beach called Frenchman's Cove. This was an all inclusive, very expensive beach. Many movie stars owned cottages in Frenchman's Cove. There is nothing the guests wanted that was not available.

If you wanted a boat to go sailing you would get one, if you wanted to go fishing a boat would be provided. If you felt like playing golf or tennis you could.

Incidentally, Errol Flynn owned an island off Port Antonio called Navy Island. You can see it from the mainland.

Incidentally the Eastern Jamaica Anglers Association puts on a Marlin Tournament off Port Antonio in September to October each year. Many boats go there from the United states to participate.

Ocho Rios

If you go west from Port Antonio to Ocho Rios there are many beaches that you could visit. The coast is so beauliful.

Dunn's River

The famous Duns River falls is not too far from Ocho Rios.

Puerto Seco

In Discovery Bay on Jamaica's north coast is Puerto Seco. Years ago I spent many a day there with my young family. I understand it is not as nice as it used to be any more.

Doctors Cave

One of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the world is Doctors Cave in Montego Bay. The water is unbelievably clear. This can be dangerous as it may appear quite shallow when you are swimming in deep water.

Negril Beaches

When I lived in Jamaica some 37 years ago Negril was one beautiful place to enjoy Jamaica's Beaches. It was simply miles of white sand. You could walk pretty far out in the ocean without the water covering you. That was Negril in the raw.

Since those years, however, they have put many hotels there. Visitors get to enjoy it all.

These are just some of the beaches I remember in Jamaica, there are many more.

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