Beginning Your Jamaica
Travel Experience

Make appropriate Jamaica travel plans before setting out to enjoy the beauty of Jamaica. It is like planning any other vacation or trip, however, there are a few things you should keep in mind before leaving home...

Travel Agents are great for saving you money regardless of air travel or cruise. Keep in mind that they may not be as educated about the nuts-and-bolts of your destination as you would desire. With that said, before booking your flight or cruise make sure you are aware of the best destination in Jamaica for your vacation as well as the ideal time to travel. It would also be in your best interest to make sure your travel agent is with the American Society of Travel Agents. Having the correct documentation to enter the island is vital. You can't go wrong with a current passport, but it would be wise to verify the latest entry requirements because the requirements do change fairly often. If your passport is not current and needs to be updated, try to bring it current as soon as possible. The closer you get to your trip the more uncertain it will get whether you will have it for travel or not.

Consider customs before traveling as well. Because of unscrupulous behavior in the past, Jamaica has strict customs procedures. If you are considering bringing duty free items onto the island be sure it is limited so that you are not stuck paying a large import tax.

When is the best time to travel to Jamaica?

I consider Jamaica a destination fit for all seasons. Nevertheless, ideal travel times would depend on you the traveler. Would you like to travel to Jamaica during the busy season or when tourism on the island cools down a bit? Surly an individual decision.

Based on personal experience hotels charge a significant premium during high season (between December and April). I wonder why? Oh yes - that is usually when I am trying to retreat from cold weather or to visit family for the Christmas holiday...

Jamaica is usually a bit less crowded during the off season from May to November. At this time you will find great Jamaica vacation packages and Jamaica travel discounts. Sometimes Jamaica resorts rates will be slashed up to even 40%. This is a major savings.

You should enjoy the island more during the off season when it is less crowded. You will have an easier time booking your travel as well.

There is much more Jamaica travel information to be found on this website but these are the first things to consider before the adventure really begins.

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