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This is a Jamaica travel forum. Therefore, our goal is to make it all about Jamaica with your help. Without signing up you can freely post questions, travel tips, reviews (good or bad), stories, experiences, photos, articles of interest. Any useful information will appreciated. Just follow the topics that will guide you to previous posts and comments.

Jamaica news and testimonials give somewhat of a firsthand impression of what you can experience in Jamaica.

Resorts and Hotels
Have you stayed at a resort or hotel in Jamaica? What did you think? If you are planning your trip what are your expectations?

Local Food
Everything about what to eat, where to eat, and how you can prepare it yourselves.

Videos around Jamaica.

Your Photos
An opportunity to share and comment on your photos.

Scuba Stories
Everyone who has ever been scuba diving in Jamaica has something to share.

Please keep in mind that your posts will be featured on the Jamaican-Travel-Tips Blog and on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Our goal is to make an information resource for travelers and locals to the island alike.

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