The Enchanting and Attractive
Jamaica Beaches

People from all over the world bask in the sunshine of Jamaica beaches. Even celebrities come to Jamaica to experience our beaches. Jamaica is one of the most famous islands of the Caribbean, the beaches in Jamaica are probably responsible for some of that fame. Many visitors to the island treasure memories made by the blue waters and white sands of the Jamaica beaches. They are some the most enchanting beaches in the Caribbean. Some of my favorite memories are in the foreground of beaches in Jamaica.

I have often thought of creating new memories based on dreams of relaxing on the beach as I work on this very site. It would be incredible to be able to build my business from the beach. Some day I guess, some day.

Anyway back to reality. Sometimes you will find the locals vending conch in little boats close to the public beach or even the resort beaches at times. You may also find other locals selling water sports on the beach, though not as much as they used to as security has kind of cut down on this kind of vending.

The best beaches in Jamaica

The best beaches in Jamaica are easily found in Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, and Negril. Even if you do not chose one the fine resorts on the beach for vacation accommodations you can still have the opportunity to enjoy the many public beaches in Jamaica. In my opinion, the best beaches in Jamaica are Doctor's Cave, Seven Mile Beach, Treasure Beach, Hellshire Beach (if you are in Kingston).

My favorite beach has to be Hellshire Beach (sometimes referred to as Helthshire). This cultural public beach is located just outside of Kingston in Portmore where you can enjoy the beach and tasty fresh fish at the same time.

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Jamaican Beach Tips:

  • If you are at a public beach make sure to be aware of your surroundings at all times. No need to be concerned, just aware.

  • Bring plenty of suntan lotion. Don't underestimate the sun's rays on Jamaican beaches.

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