Hellshire Beach: Not Only For Locals

Hellshire beach is located on the outskirts of Port More, a small town neighboring Kingston on the South coast of Jamaica. It is considered the best of any of the Kingston beaches.
This local beach is one of the most famous beaches in Kingston, Jamaica. It is a favorite to locals of Kingston and surrounding towns. Hellshire is different than other beaches in Jamaica as it is a public beach for families with great fresh fish just yards away from the water. You can also try a brief horse ride on the beach if you get board of swimming and eating.

As a boy I can recall our Sunday morning beach trips there. It was not uncommon to spend the entire day there. There were very little reason to leave. It was so relaxing and they do not run out of fresh fish and drinks. Drink fresh coconut water right out of the coconut itself and then enjoy the coconut jelly as a refreshing snack. This is good before or after your fish meal which includes fresh snapper and festival (fried fritter made of cornmeal).

Hellshire is a great beach to experience true Jamaica as many of the other beaches are tailored to tourism. At Hellshire it is all about the locals and so forces you to experience it as the locals do. If you are adventurous and are in Kingston this is a good experience.

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