Fishing In Jamaica

by Donald Lusan
(Pembroke Pines, Florida, USA)

Thinking about going fishing in Jamaica? With proper preparation this can be quite a rewarding experience.

I fondly recall the day I caught my first fish. I was about 6 or 7 years old. My father was a builder and he was doing some work in Port Royal. It was a Friday and he had to pay his workers. He took me with him.

When time came to take care of his payroll he put me to sit on the edge of the wharf with my fishing line. I baited the hook and sat there...nothing happened. I thought this fishing thing was so boring.

The time came for lunch so my father called me over and we went to lunch. I tied off my line before I left it. When I returned to my great surprise there was a fish on the line. I was thrilled out of my mind.

Since that day fishing became quite an obsession with me, I went every time I could. When I started working I would take time off on Friday evenings to rent a boat and go fishing. My friends and I would fish all night.

Fishing in Jamaica is absolutely awesome. I would catch so much fish I had to go from house to house and give my relatives and friends fish before I went home. My wife and I could not consume all the fish I caught.

The fish caught was red snappers, yellow tail snappers and jacks. I caught so much it became quite a drag after a while. I made a conscious decision to go after larger types.

One labor day weekend I was out in Discovery Bay with my family at my mother in law's house. I decided I wanted to go fishing. Before I went there I bought my first trolling rod. It was a Biscayne Rod with a Penn Reel. The line was 80 pound test Dacron.

I tried to get a boat but because of the holiday none was available. I decided to visit a friend who had some influence in the community and ask for some help. He made a few calls then took me to meet this fisherman who would take me out.

I had to meet him at 5:00 in the morning. This guy fished for a living. When I got there he was ready. He had all the bait I needed. The boat was a 20 foot marine ply boat with an outboard motor. I was going for wahoo king fish.

In less than 10 minutes I heard the ratchet on my reel click. I became quite excited. The fisherman told me to hold up the rod. At that point the fish decided to run. I had no idea what was on my line. I knew it was big.

Suddenly I saw the most beautiful site rise out of the water as if it was waiving to me. It was a Blue Marlin weighing in at 135 pounds. It took about 35 minutes to land him, but oh what a thrill. The thing was so awesomely beautiful I decided that I would never again take a fish like that out of their natural habitat. If I should catch another one I would set him free.

Fishing in Jamaica can be quite an experience...try it some time.

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