Climb Dunns River Falls

Dunns River Falls is a fun and exciting activity for the family. The falls are about 650 feet. The water rushes down the mountain and is pretty cold, but can be very cooling on a hot day. You can climb the falls with a guide and a group of other climbers or you can choose to go it alone. It is probably safer and easier to go with the guide as you will have some help and advice on the way up. They are especially helpful because the falls can be slippery and they will sometimes give you a good idea where not to step. The water is cold and it may take some getting used to before you actually start the climb. You can get a good feel for how cold it is at the bottom of the falls where the water runs off the falls and in to the ocean.

There are usually a few vendors on the premises selling their art work and crafts. They are pretty nice arts and crafts and can be very good souvenirs, but can be a bit expensive. Regardless of the expense, however, it can be a great way to support some of the locals.

Be prepared to climb

Make sure to come prepared to climb the falls. Trunks and proper shoes are a good idea for this type of adventure. Sneakers or some sort of sport or water sandals will be appropriate to climb the falls. They will help prevent slipping. Dressing rooms are available to change into your trunks for climbing the falls or swimming in the ocean. It will cost about $15 for admission. Snacks are available for purchase, but I would suggest bringing your own.

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