Devon House: A Jamaican Monument

Located in Kingston, Jamaica, Devon House has been a major Jamaican landmark for centuries. In 1990 it became a national monument. It is a great place for families and friends to meet and socialize over lunch or dinner. I have built many fond memories here as I was courting my wife. There is so much to do on the property. It is indeed a favorite for business functions, weddings, and other events as well.

At the heart of the mansion is its museum which displays its great design and architecture. The Hon. George Stiebel – Jamaica's first black millionaire – was the founder of Devon House. He had it built around 1881 and he resided there until he died in 1896. Some of his family members then continued to live there until 1922.

Stiebel's house is also known for it's art, crafts, and great food. There are nice, quaint shops on the premises where locals and visitors to the island spend some afternoons not merely browsing, but purchasing fine arts and crafts for their homes and offices. The arts and crafts here make good gifts for those who want to share the culture of Jamaica. The restaurants here are full of culture and provide somewhat of a different taste of Jamaica as well. For instance, many people globally have experienced the unique taste of the Jamaican beef patty, however, at Devon House you can also sample the Jamaican shrimp patty – which is an even more unique treat.

Great Food

As a child one of my favorite places for dessert was Devon House. I Scream was and still is one of the most famous shops at the mansion. The ice cream is the best I have ever tasted. The ice cream flavors here are a wide range. There are about 27 different flavors which capture your attention by name and taste. My favorite of all are devon stout and rum and raisin. Devon stout is a flavor of vanilla and the famous Guinness Stout beverage. The rum and raisin flavor is as every ice cream lover knows it – with one difference – more rum and more raisins.

The house has something for the pastry lover as well. Brick Oven is the ideal stop for delicious Jamaican pastries. The pastries – including patties – are freshly baked and are perfect for a snack or treat.

But this popular destination is not only a great place for deserts and snacks. The Grog Shoppe boasts an unforgettable food experience. Great food and a great environment makes the Grog Shoppe a memorable hang out for families and friends. There are both indoor and outdoor dining as well as a taste of Caribbean Music.

Great Shopping

For the visitor to Jamaica and the locals alike, Things Jamaican and Wassi Art, are by far two of the best places to purchase arts and crafts of different themes and styles made in Jamaica. These arts and crafts are not merely decorative, but are pretty practical.

One of my wife's favorite stops in Devon House is to check out hip clothing at Cooyah Rootz Wear. The line is pretty broad and includes t-shirts and urban wear which define the Caribbean experience.

There are more great shops at Jamaican monument to have your fill of the Jamaican culture and experience such as Starfish Oils, Elaine Elegance, and Ts and Treasures.

This is only a brief introduction to Devon House. The mansion represents some of Jamaica's history dating as far back as the 1700s. Much of this history can be found on their official website.

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