Hopelessly In Love With Jamaica

You have probably arrived at this site about traveling to Jamaica and wondered why you should listen to me anyway. What makes me, John-David Lusan, any authority on Jamaica and the many things it has to offer you on your dream vacation?

Well here are a few of things which I feel qualify me to at least guide you and anyone else in having a fantastic time on the island me and many others call paradise.

Though I was born in the United States in Queens, NY to Jamaican parents, I spent many of my childhood and most of my life in Jamaica. I went to Prep school there as well as some of their equivalent of High School before moving back to the United States to complete my education.

I travel to Jamaica often to soak up some of my roots as well as visit family. Whenever I go back it is great catching up with old friends and observing how things have changed as well as find different things about the culture I can bring back to the states for other Jamaicans to be reminded of their home. While in the states I listen to reggae, eat Jamaican food, spend time with Jamaicans, read Jamaican literature, and stay up to date on the news in Jamaica. These are some of the same things I would do if I were in Jamaica, so I don’t get overly home sick. My wife is from Jamaica and I enjoy her stories of her childhood and her many experiences which bring to life the roots of Jamaica.

Naturally, when I travel back to the island I spend a great deal of time with my family, but I also enjoy spending time on the North Coast (kind of like a tourist or visitor to the island would). Like anyone else I like being catered to sometimes and I assure you Jamaican’s and their resorts and hotels are masters at hospitality.

Why Jamaican-Travel-Tips.com?

With all the things I have seen and experienced in Jamaica (and am still experiencing today) I started feeling the need to share the great time I have had. It is not quite like sharing the news of your newborn or your marriage to your high schools sweetheart, but pretty close I guess. I started exploring avenues to do that and was introduced to Solo Build It. I was hooked right away and was eager to get started. SBI gave me the opportunity to share what I believed to be the cool things about Jamaica as well as fulfill other dreams. If you are interested in how I did it click here. As a matter of fact many SBI! sites have been rewarded with media coverage resulting in millions of page views. Here are just a few stories...

Now you can know what I know about this beautiful island. It is great fun for me and I hope have a great time on the site. Another desire is that you will get the information you need to make Jamaica your destination for your dream vacation or even your home away from home. So, Jamaican-Travel-Tips.com is an invitation for you experience Jamaica as I would and fall in love with the island as I have.

If you have questions along the way please do not hesitate to ask. I will do my best to guide you in the right direction. Safe travels. One Love.

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