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The Jamaican Travel Tips Blog is a journal containing the most important tips on traveling to Jamaica.

The purpose of the blog is similar to that of the website itself: to keep you informed of what you may need to know in order to have the best trip to Jamaica possible.

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Ocho Rios: A Great Town For Family Fun

Ocho Rios is a great town for family fun. It is the best place to enjoy your first Jamaican vacation.

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Family-Friendly Activities Jamaica: Things to Do with Kids

climbing the falls

Discover an array of family-friendly activities Jamaica has to offer, ensuring a memorable vacation for kids and adults alike.

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Going Scuba Diving In Jamaica

Scuba diver

Jamaica is known for many activities and much scenic beauty, yet one of Jamaica's hidden gems is its scuba diving in Jamaica.

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Jamaican Travel Tips, Discover Our Island Paradise

View of the ocean

A Jamaican gives the inside scoop and tips on traveling to his island paradise. Many of Jamaica's hidden gems are exposed.

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Devon House: A Jamaican Monument

Devon House has been a major Jamaican landmark for centuries. In 1990 Devon House became a national monument and is a favorite destination for visitors and locals of Kingston, Jamaica.

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Adventure Fishing In Jamaica

Fishing in Jamaica offers true adventure. It is an experience for the entire family to enjoy regardless of the skill level. Enjoy reeling in the big catch.

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Understanding the Jamaican Language

Learning and understanding the Jamaican language is easy. The primary language spoken in Jamaica is English.

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Sports in Jamaica

Sports in Jamaica has created recognized athletes across the world.

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The Best Travel Sites - Our Picks

A list of the best travel sites that we believe could be of some help in you finding that special destination.

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Beaches Resort: What Your Children's Dreams Are Made Of

The Beaches Resort in Jamaica is made up of 3 locations. They are considered some of the best resorts in the world especially for children.

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Sandals Jamaica: What Dreams Are Made Off

Sandals Jamaica is made up of 7 of the most exquisite resorts. Here is a brief overview of what you can look forward to at a Sandals Resort in Jamaica.

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Enjoy The Ideal Jamaica Wedding

Have the ideal Jamaica Wedding. You can tie the knot with a Jamaican Wedding and enjoy the perfect wedding ceremony.

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Sunset Resorts Jamaica Grande

Sunset Resorts Jamaica Grande has become one of my favorite resorts in Jamaica.

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Jamaican Resorts: The Ideal Vacation Getaway

Jamaican resorts hold the key to the ideal vacation getaway. There are many resorts to choose from. Here is why you should consider them.

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Negril Jamaica – An Intriguing Beach and Resort Town

Negril Jamaica (Negrillo as named by the Spanish in 1494) is known for its beaches and resorts.

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Jamaica vs USA - September 7, 2012

Jamaica did a good job in earning a victory over the USA. See the preview below.

Your Jamaican Photo Gallery

Welcome to the Jamaican Photo Gallery. This is the place where you can submit your photos and proudly show off your favorite sites in Jamaica to the world.

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Usain Bolt: Making History

Usain Bolt is widley regarded as the fastest man in the world.

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Jamaican Food - A Taste of Paradise

Jamaican food continues to grow in popularity worldwide as people come from all over the world to have their taste of paradise

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Red Jack Restaurant: A Must for Seafood

Seafood at the Red Jack Restaurant located at the Morgan's Harbor Hotel and Marina in Port Royal, Jamaica.

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The Jamaica Travel Forum

A Jamaica travel forum all about the island of Jamaica.

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Jamaica News and Testimonials

Jamaica news and testimonials give somewhat of a firsthand impression of what you can experience in Jamaica. Share yours with us.

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The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel

The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel is a Kingston landmark.

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Ackee and Saltfish

This is a favorite Jamaican meal. Ackee and saltfish is known to be Jamaica’s national dish.

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Jamaican Beef Patties: Snack or Lunch

Jamaican beef patties are one of Jamaica's most popular pastries.

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Jamaican Religion in Brief

Jamaican religion and Jamaican churches and an understanding of what the locals feel about religion.

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A True Jewel

I have stayed at the Jewel with my wife twice and it is truly one of the best resorts in Jamaica. I have never stayed at a resort where the staff enjoys

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Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee – A Taste of Excellence

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee has always been one my favorite coffees to wake up to in the morning. It has for decades been Jamaica’s favorite coffee.

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Jamaican Food - Favorite Jamaican Cuisine

If you are going to write about Jamaican food you just can't ignore some favorites of the Jamaican people and of the visitors to the island. Let me get

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Montego Bay: A Town Full Of Beach And Fun

Montego Bay is a famous Jamaican and island destination for a reason. Here are a few of the things that make Montego Bay attractive.

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Driving In Jamaica Is Part of the Adventure

Driving in Jamaica is very similar to driving in Europe. You drive on the left hand side of the road, so does everyone in Jamaica.

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Climb Dunns River Falls

Dunns River Falls is a fun and exciting activity for the family. The falls are about 650 feet. The water rushes down the mountain and is pretty cold, but can be very cooling on a hot day.

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Hopelessly In Love With Jamaica

You have probably arrived at this site about traveling to Jamaica and wondered why you should listen to me anyway. Here is why.

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NEGRIL Ahhhh Jamaica

Search a seven mile beach of a place they call Negril… The Rasta man will ask you, Are you ready for a thrill? To Arthur’s, Ricks , and Mom’s Hotel or

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Cooking Manish Water Outdoors

A classic Jamaican shot, this was taken in 2008. We were at our annual family reunion in December. Uncle Tom was running the cooking show :-) Manish

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Da Real Ting Cafe

Here are a couple of my thoughts on my personal blog about Da Real Ting Cafe in Jacksonville, FL.

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The Enchanting Jamaica Beaches

Jamaica beaches are some of the most beautiful and enchanting beaches in the Caribbean. Experience the delight of Jamaica's beaches.

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Seven Mile Beach: A Stretch of Relaxation

Seven Mile Beach in Jamaica is one of the loveliest beaches in Negril.

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How to Get Noticed by Google Quickly

Ken Evoy's insight on getting noticed by Google - We've long known that RSS accelerates the distribution of new pages on your websites to the Search Engines. Googlebot "knows" that blogs are more "temporal" so are fast-off-the-mark to list and rank them.

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First Day of the Rest of Your Life

Many of us are searching. For what? Many of us are searching for one thing or the other. Some search for meaning. Some for better jobs. Some search for anything but a job, probably a business with rewards. If a meaningful business or a rewarding hobby is what you are searching for today could well be the first day of the rest of your life.

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How I Built My Site Using Site Build It

Why and how my siteon Jamaican Travel was built with SBI.

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Delicious Jamaican Fruit

Jamaican fruit is an important part the Jamaican culture and a fun and healthy way to experience Jamaican foods.

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Jamaican Fruits

Jamaican fruits are so many that the people always seem to have something to eat which contributes to good health. For this reason the Jamaican people

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Jamaican Beaches I Remember

It would take a very long time to tell you about my experiences at Jamaican beaches. I fondly recall my parents taking my sister, my 2 brothers and myself

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Jamaican Religion

Jamaican religion! It is perhaps wise to go back some years to discuss Jamaican religion. Jamaica was originally inhabited by the Arawak Indians. Christopher

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Fishing In Jamaica

Thinking about going fishing in Jamaica? With proper preparation this can be quite a rewarding experience. I fondly recall the day I caught my first fish.

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Jamaica- Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Negril

I am from Jax,Fl. I visited Jamaica and had the time of my life. It was do beautiful and so much to do. My favorite city was Negril because there was a

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Curried Chicken - Recipe

1 lb Curried Chicken 4 medium size potato 2 Carrots ½ tsp Salt ½ tsp Pepper 2 stalks Scallion Thyme 2 gloves Garlic oil Directions: Cut chicken into small

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