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The best way to experience the Island Paradise of Jamaica, is undoubtedly with a Jamaican. There is so much to see and experience on this tiny, yet exciting island. I look forward to describing and introducing you to the gems of Jamaica which I have fallen in love with.

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Though I currently live outside of the land I love, I enjoy going home for the Jamaican vacation some could only dream of. So, consider me your tour guide. Traveling to "The Land of Wood and Water" could be an awesome experience which can begin even before leaving home. It is exciting simply learning about the island and planning an itinerary prior to your departure. There are an abundance of things to do in Jamaica for an amazing vacation in paradise.

Knowing whether you will be visiting Kingston, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Port Antonio, or Blue Mountain and being able to do a little research (I will help with that - it's all right here) will award you enough preparation for a fantastic experience as you mingle with Jamaica's proud and dignified people.

Our beautiful beaches are lined with some of the most lovely resorts in the Caribbean. Their diverse amenities ensure that you, your significant other, or your entire family will want to do nothing short of extending your stay. If you must leave sooner than desired, "No problem man...come back to Jamaica" it is not uncommon to make Jamaica vacations a part of your travel tradition.

For now though, our journey starts right here, right now.

Here is what you can expect to discover or learn more about at

  • How to get to paradise (probably most important)

  • The beautiful culture

  • Breathtaking accommodations

  • Famous culinary traditions (good food)

  • How colorful our people can become (especially during carnival)

  • Hard to resist stretches of white sand beaches

  • ...and of course a bit of history
I promise you much more...but this is enough to pique your interest I am sure.

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